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How To Care for a New Pet While Launching a Company

Welcoming a pet can be an exciting time for both you and the new addition. If you are launching a business at the same time, however, you might wonder how you can pour your energy into your work and provide adequate care for your new companion at the same time. Four Dog Paws presents several strategies, tools, and resources to help you succeed as both an entrepreneur and a new pet owner.

Strategies to Help Your Business

Selecting the right business structure can significantly impact your company's future. Consider filing for LLC status because it can protect your personal assets, maximize flexibility, and reduce taxes. The straightforward filing process doesn't require much paperwork, but each state's regulations are unique, so consider using a formation service to assist. When researching formation services, be sure to evaluate reviews and affordability. 

Another important decision is where to base your company. When you are juggling business and personal obligations, working from home can provide you with the flexibility you need to succeed at both. On the business front, working out of your house can provide several benefits:

  • Reduces startup costs and risks

  • Allows you to take a home office tax deduction

  • Increases flexibility

  • Eliminates commuting 

The time savings and increased flexibility can work to your advantage when introducing a new pet to your home. Because you are home with your dog or cat instead of away at the office, you are physically present to help meet your pet's needs.

Strategies and Tools to Help Your Pet

Dogs and cats enjoy your company because it helps them feel safe and cared for. For this reason, it's best to provide your new companion with access to your office. Carve out a space for your pet's bed and make a point of regularly interacting with them.

Social interactions with your dog or cat can benefit you as well. Studies show that pets can lower your blood pressure, reduce loneliness, ease anxiety, elevate serotonin and dopamine, and reduce depression. Further, when you step away from your work to care for an animal, the mental break can help you rest, refuel, and return with more focus so you can run your business more effectively.

In addition to keeping your new companion nearby, it's wise to establish a consistent routine. Stability and predictability can prevent future problems and reduce your pet's stress. After you've figured out an optimal schedule that includes feedings, sleep, potty breaks, and physical activity, use a scheduling app to keep you on track.

There may be times when your work demands make it difficult for you to meet your pet's needs. Luckily, help is always available. Services like Four Dog Paws can provide you with a professional dog walker or pet sitter at a moment's notice.

There are also many apps and online tools to assist you with caring for your new pet:

  • DogSync is a scheduling app that allows you to divide care between family members and record when your dog's needs are met.

  • PawPrint stores your pet's medical records and keeps track of vet appointments, vaccinations, and feeding information.

  • PitPat works with a smart device to track your pet’s activity level and weight.

  • Puppr helps you train your dog with an in-app digital clicker.

  • GoodPup provides one-on-one video sessions with a certified trainer. 

If you are welcoming a new pet and launching a company simultaneously, it's wise to use available tools and strategies to help you succeed at both tasks. Adopting a dog or cat can ultimately enrich your life and boost your productivity and success.

Cindy Aldridge

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