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  • What is the purpose of an in-home consultation?
    You and your pets will meet the Owner of Four.Dog.Paws. The consultation takes 30 - 60 minutes during which we will discuss your pet(s) and both the pet and house service you desire, as well as design a plan that works for you. Four Dog Paws will obtain two (2) keys to your home and verify they work. In addition, we will download the Four Dog Paws app and spend a few moments learning the tool. We will attach a lockbox to your home, wherever you desire, and we will place one of the keys in the lockbox. You will have access to the lockbox at all times. The second key will be kept in a safe place at the Four.Dog.Paws office.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Dog Walking clients: No cancellation fee if 24 hours notice given. If less than 24 hours, client will be charge in full. Vacation Visit & Overnight clients: A full charge cancellation policy will apply for all holiday bookings cancelled less than 3 weeks from the first date of the services booked. All other bookings will be assessed a full charge fee if cancelled 2 weeks or less prior to the first date of the services booked. If, for any reason, a client chooses to return on an earlier date than booked, the client is responsible for the entire booking fee.
  • Can I make last minute arrangements?
    Absolutely! Please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Fees apply.
  • What happens if my pet becomes ill or injured while I'm away?
    During our initial consultation, we will document your veterinary and emergency contact information for each pet under our care. If an illness or an emergency occurs, we will contact you immediately, and transport them if necessary to your usual clinic, or to the emergency veterinary hospital, if needed.
  • How will we be kept informed of our pet while we are gone?
    We understand how important it is to have peace of mind that your pets are doing well. As part of our service, we provide our clients with notifications each time we visit. These notifications are part of a cutting edge app that our company utilizes.
  • What happens if I'm delayed in returning home?
    We will be happy to accommodate you and continue taking care of your pets. Please contact us immediately if you will be arriving home late from your trip.
  • Do you administer medications to pets?
    We would be happy to! We will administer medication - pills and drops at no additional charge. We will administer injections for a nominal charge
  • What does bonded and insured mean?
    We are covered by a dishonesty bond that reimburses you in the unlikely event anything is stolen from your home while it is in our sole care. In addition, because we are a professional pet care provider, we are covered by a liability insurance policy that protects you from monetary loss in the unlikely event we are responsible for any accidents that occur while caring for your pets
  • Can we share pet sitting duties with others?
    Unfortunately due to liability issues, we are not able to accommodate this request.
  • How do I pay for our services?
    For first time clients, we will collect payment at the time of the initial consultation. For ongoing and long term clients we will invoice monthly and payment can be made online or by check.
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