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Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Dog Comfortable While Moving Homes

By: Cindy Aldridge

Most of the time, moving is a long and exhausting process. And it’s not just hard on us; it’s also hard on our canine companions. If you have a dog, it’s essential to consider them as you’re planning and executing the move to your new home. Along with keeping your pup comfortable on moving day, you will need to help them adjust to their new environment. The practical, budget-friendly tips below can help you do just that.


Handle essential tasks in advance.


When you arrive at your new home, you will want to spend a little more time with your pup to help them get acclimated. In order to do this, you will need to deal with some essential moving tasks early in the process. This includes changing your address with any businesses and agencies necessary, finding qualified professionals to help you with moving and household tasks (e.g., movers, contractors, cleaners, etc.), and locating important establishments, such as pharmacies, grocery stores, and schools.


You will also want to get your utilities in place—ideally before moving day. Along with gas, electricity, and water, you will need fast and reliable internet service. To allow yourself time to find the biggest bang for your buck, start researching providers now. For instance, Verizon’s 5G service and access connections are among the best on the market, and they’re now available in many cities.


One other thing to consider is arranging for a dog sitter to take care of your pup on moving day. By going with a company like Four Dog Paws, you will not only get a dog sitter with compassion, sympathy, and empathy, but you will also get someone who is knowledgeable about pets and who will go to extra lengths when it comes to getting to know your pup.


Pack your pup a bag.


There are certain things that your pup will need in order to stay comfortable and happy as you move to your new home. Plan to pack a bag of your dog’s favorite treats, toys, and blankets, among other things. You will also want to include their leash, collar or harness, and any other items necessary for taking breaks outside.


If you are like most other people right now, you are on a tight budget. To score significant savings on pet supplies, look for online coupons, promo codes, and cash back offers when shopping at retailers like Chewy or PetSmart at Rakuten.


Your dog's health is always important. But you will want to pay special attention to maintaining their health during the moving process because you will have a lot going on. Be sure to keep your pup on a nutritious diet. Dry food is more convenient and less messy than canned food, which makes it the perfect type of food to feed your pup while moving—plus it’s more concentrated, so more cost-effective. Just make sure you factor in ingredients and your dog’s age when choosing which type of dry food to purchase.


Also, ensure that your dog is getting much-needed exercise. Physical activity is a great way to burn off stress related to the move, and a tired dog will be less likely to to get as keyed up in the first place. Plus, all it costs you is a little time, and you’ll enjoy the bonus of making memories.


Provide your pup with routine.


Lastly, as Pets4Homes explains, routine is critical for our four-legged friends. As much as possible, provide your dog with a consistent routine when it comes to their mealtimes and playtimes. This will go a long way in helping them adjust to their new living environment.


Don’t let the moving process be more difficult for your dog than it needs to be, nor more costly than it needs to be for you. Get the most important moving tasks out of the way early in the process so that you can spend more time with your pup once you move into the new home, plan out your essentials, and take time to burn off stress. Following these simple steps can do wonders for helping your canine companion stay healthy, happy, and comfortable as they move and settle into their new home.

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